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We are an animation studio nearing a decade in the business, with a creative portfolio measured in hundreds of hours. Through motion, we translate brands, products, and ideas into captivating and impactful content

In cooperation with RPA Agency, we created over 3 minutes of animation and printable posters for the social media campaign "Ride Through History" series for Honda's Civic 50th Anniversary. The videos achieved 1,4 million views on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

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Character design

The explainer shows how InfinitumX works – it's a virtual wallet used to sign transactions and access your crypto account.


Motion design

For Canpack, a packaging producer for soft drinks, we've created a set of motion graphics showcasing their new brand identity.


Character design

Stey offers a new perspective on the way we live and where we live. We created an animated video to highlight the most important features.


Motion design

Experience our latest and greatest! Our 2022 showreel is out now – showcasing our animated works in one epic reel. Watch it here!

Sales increased by 20% thanks to this explainer video

Motion design
Character design

In this animated video production, we communicate the product in a lighthearted and funny way, creating content that the end-user can relate to.


Motion design
Character design

In order to encourage people to download the Vinted app to their mobile phones, the animation explained briefly how to use it. We used a mix of cel animation and cutouts.

The Human-Centered Approach to Cybersecurity

Motion design
Social campaign

The goal of the animated video series was to produce content emphasizing the importance and positive impact of cybersecurity initiatives.

One-of-a-kind video clip created for Polish influencers by the animation studio and nearly 60 people.

Our mindset

Everything starts with… inspiration? Obviously enough. And we don’t like obvious. Everything can be inspiring. Because nothing is static. All it takes is to make people see it’s not. Together, we’ll do just that. Bring your brand, product, or process—tell us your story, or just the beginning of it—and we’ll get things going

Here’s a selection of what we can produce together

Corporate video

Creating engaging corporate videos that make an impact on a wide audience and spread the message behind your business through all relevant channels, that's our bread and butter at Pigeon Studio.

Explainer Video

Creating a unique, custom explainer video production that helps you connect with your audience. Studio Pigeon has the ability to simplify complex ideas and make people engage with content.

Commercial video production

The level of detail and commitment of the people from Pigeon Studio shows that they can do great things for the most critical players in the market.

Animated Marketing Videos

Use our creative animations to tell great stories about your business - get the attention your company deserves!

Training video

An animation that will inform, inspire and educate people to become the best versions of themselves. Pigeon Studio helps brands and businesses to create training video content with a compelling narrative.

Video For Business

As your company grows, and you start to offer more products and services, it is crucial to follow up with an extensive and engaging marketing campaign, that will spread the word about your brand and generate the leads that you need to reach your financial goals.

The blog is where we talk about our efforts in greater detail

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Artificial Intelligence Animation: What Is It and How Does It Function?

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Here’s what people remember about working with us

The animated video led to an 88% increase in applications from the previous year and received positive feedback from the global team. Pigeon Studio adheres to a set timeline and provides quality results.
Marika Hartwich
HR Business Partner at Unilever
The animation received praise from a substantial number of viewers. Despite working within a short timeframe, Pigeon Studio provided ample guidance and delivered an excellent final product.
Jaroslaw Kutelski
Corporate Communications Director at Electrolux
Their eagerness to do more, responsibility, passion, and creativeness were really impressive.They have a team of very talented people who worked hard and accomplished the best results.
María Hernández
Creative Marketing Coordinator at Vinted

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