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Of course, some attempt to sell plywood under the guise of marble. But that isn’t the crux of the matter. Instead, let’s focus on this: we pinpoint what’s truly dynamic in your proposal and elevate it, crafting compelling content that’s simply unskippable. Let’s get to work.

Here’s a selection of what we can produce together

Insurance Animation and Explainer Videos

How to make your insurance plan look attractive to potential clients? How to emphasize its unique selling points (USPs)?

Social Justice Animation

Pigeon Studio produces stylish, high-production social justice videos for NGOs, activists and think tanks.

Ecommerce Video Production

Boost Your Ecommerce Business with Pigeon’s Studio Engaging Video Production

Finance & FinTech Animation

Our innovative solutions help finance and fintech companies simplify complex concepts and connect with their audience in a visually engaging manner.

Real Estate Animation

Transforming Real Estate Dreams into Animated Reality: Pigeon’s Studio Expertise in Captivating Visual Storytelling

Our ways

If we consider technical standards, it could be argued that a solitary second of animation packs more than 24,000 words. Perhaps this is the crux of its potency. By working together, we’ll discern what truly resonates—what to incorporate or adjust—in order to create a nimble, custom process that enhances your message.

1. Briefing kick-off call
Let's talk about your goals, expectations, brand, and vision. We'll listen, you'll speak. Every piece of information: mood, content, needs, goals, and target audience helps us communicate your product, service and idea in an appealing, understandable, and aesthetic way through the animation.
2. Script
The script is crucial - we keep it short and simple to convey the right message to the right audience. There is also a picture description of what is happening in addition to the voiceover text. We are still relying on your imagination, but we will begin drawing in the next step.
3. Storyboard
A storyboard looks like a comic book, doesn't it? It's a visual representation of the script scene by scene.As it's black and white, let's focus on the frames rather than the details. By now, you know how the camera movement and frame composition are planned.
4. Music & Voice-Over
As is the case with the soundtrack, the featured human voice must fit in with everything else—accent and timbre play an important role. Male or female? Young or mature? Sounding serious or enthusiastic? We have resources for any effect you wish to achieve.
5. Key Illustration
A full-colour keyframe, the key illustration defines the style of the entire production. Perhaps you expected something else in respect of the characters or the colour palette? If so, now is the time to provide such feedback.
6. Animatic/stillomatic
These are video sequences demonstrating the expression of our animation. Displaying the pace of what your audiences will see, they also offer a preview of the climax. The clip combines pictures with voice-over, and usually includes music. This is the first time that moving images are presented to you with sound.
7. Ilustrations
The illustrations can finally begin! With designed items, characters, and backgrounds, you can see how your story unfolds. We will breathe life into these images very soon.
8. Animations
Magic happens when all elements begin to interact and take on a life of their own. The final pace of the animation and transitions between the scenes happen at this stage. Our animators put their hearts into bringing the still frames to life so the message is perfectly delivered to your audience.
9. Sound post-production
Now you can not only see but also hear your story clearly! As of now, you'll hear more than just a gentle hum in the voice over! In addition, there will be various knocking, taping, or splashing (depending on what the animation shows). The end product will be the final render of the animation with chosen music track completing the overall tone
10. Final render
Last piece of the puzzles - putting all those things together: animation + final sound mix = FINAL RENDER.

You can learn even more from our process presentation

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