Nonprofit Video Production

Drive awareness to your cause and truly make a difference with a captivating and compelling non-profit video production by Studio Pigeon.

Bring awareness to your cause and truly make a difference with a captivating and compelling nonprofit video tailored to your needs! Our team at Pigeon Studio can transform your message into a stunning animated video that will move viewers and encourage them to support your campaign!

What Can You Expect From a Nonprofit Video?

Your charitable organization is unique, and so is its story. It is crucial to present your goals and message in a way that will not only reach many people but also interest them in your cause. Animated fundraising videos are a proven visual tool used by nonprofits to engage viewers, spread awareness, and inspire action. 

At Pigeon Studio, we take great pride in our skills and expertise in the field of animation. Take a closer look at some benefits nonprofits can expect from working with our nonprofit video production company.

Effective and Memorable Storytelling

An animated video offers creative freedom to deliver any type of message in any way you want, whether it's a moving story explaining a problem you want to solve or an upbeat thank-you video for your volunteers and donors!

Animated Nonprofit Videos Help Build Connections

With years of experience in non-profit video production, we know how to create an animated video that evokes emotions and creates a connection between nonprofits and their target audiences.

Video Content Tailored to Your Message and Audience

Whether you want to focus on fundraising campaigns, your cause, donor recognition, or brand awareness, we'll help you find the right tone of voice and animation style to get your message across.

We Know That for Nonprofits, Every Dollar Counts

Our animation experts will work with you and within your budget to strategize and create a non-profit video production that works for you.

Types of Non-Profit Organizations We Work With

Pigeon Studio works with a wide range of non-profits to help them raise funds for many charitable causes. We cooperate with nationwide and international organizations and foundations as well as healthcare, environmental, educational, and arts and culture non-profits. Our animations help spread the word regarding the mission of your organization through engaging and captivating narratives.

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Animated non-profit video helps build a connection.

NonProfit Video Production -  Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Most Common Types of Nonprofit Videos?

There are several animated video types that can be beneficial for your organization. Those popular among nonprofits include animated testimonials, explainer videos, or commercials. The good news is that at Pigeon Studio, we do it all.

How Much Does a Nonprofit Video Production Cost?

The two main contributing factors when it comes to the price of an animation are the video length and its style. To learn more about our budgeting for your nonprofit animation project, take a look at our financial guide.

We always work closely with nonprofit organizations to maximize their budget without compromising the quality and meaning behind the campaign.

How Long Does the Nonprofit Video Production Process Take?

A non-profit animation produced by Pigeon Studio of around 30–60 seconds takes approximately between 6 to 10 weeks to complete, depending on the complexity (2D or 3D, the number of details) and length of the project. If you would like to know more about the stages of our animated video production, click here.

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