Freelance Animator

We're constantly looking for talented Freelance Animators and Motion Designers for current and upcoming projects.

Share with us your portfolio if you have experience with commercial projects. We're especially looking for people with skills in:

  • After Effects Animation
  • Cut-out Animation (After Effects, Toon Boom, Moho, or other software)
  • Cel and Traditional Animation (Photoshop, Toon Boom, Animate, TVPaint, or other software)
  • 2D FX Animation
  • Basic 3D Modelling and Animation (C4D, Blender, or other software)
  • Creating stillomatics and animatics

We price each project individually depending on the scope of work and its complexity level
A big plus is if you're living within the European time zone.

We consider each application individually.
We will get back to the selected candidates.


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Appreciated! We’re on it—you’ll hear back from us soon

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