What Are the Benefits of Using Video for Business?

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To boost your marketing campaign, you need the most effective tools available, and right now, the best way to convey your message, promote products, and reach your target audience is through marketing videos. They can be tailored to your specific needs and posted across various social media platforms, used to facilitate internal communication between you and your employees, or even added to marketing emails.

Every minute, hundreds of hours of videos are uploaded online, and your direct competition may already be using the popularity of this type of content to their advantage. By creating your own video strategy, you can not only keep up with them but get ahead and become the leader of your industry. To help you understand that these are not just empty promises, let's look at a few benefits and ways to use video for business purposes in the article below.

What Are the Benefits of Using Video for Business?

How Can Video Marketing Help Your Business Grow?

Increase Brand Awareness

It may seem obvious, but in order to choose your product or service, people need to know it exists first. That's where brand awareness comes in. In general, customers are more likely to invest their money in brands they are familiar with.

Traditionally, TV ads used to be the best way to reach many people at once with your message. Nowadays, social media sites (such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok) offer even greater potential as they let you run targeted campaigns to optimize costs and increase ROI. Not only that, but unique and eye-catching content, e.g., animated brand videos with interesting storylines, can generate a lot of interest among social media users and even go viral, which means that you'll be able to reach a much wider audience.

Attract and Retain Customers

Recognition encourages trust and ensures that when a customer decides to purchase a product similar to yours, they will automatically think about your offer. Therefore, the main aim of your campaign should be to build a trustworthy image and show yourself as an expert in your field to become the first company that comes to mind in relation to a specific need or industry. This means that by focusing your marketing efforts on both existing and potential customers, you can not only keep your customer base but also expand it over time.

It's important to keep in mind that contrary to popular opinion, not all publicity is good publicity. Promoting your business with low-quality or outdated content can harm your reputation, as viewers may associate it with the quality of your products or services. To get the most out of your investment in video marketing, you need a clear strategy and professional videos that offer factual information, are visually appealing, and speak directly to your audience in a way they can understand and appreciate.

Take Your SEO Campaign to the Next Level

SEO is a tool that can improve your visibility online and help your website reach higher positions in search results. However, the potential of video in this area is often overlooked, as many people forget that YouTube is a search engine as well.

Ranking high for relevant keywords can expose your business to more potential customers. Of course, increasing the number of visits is not enough to boost sales. You also need content that will interest visitors enough to learn more about the offer and complete specific actions (depending on your goals, this may range from buying a product to asking for a quote or subscribing to your newsletter).

By using video for business marketing, you can increase your visibility on both YouTube and Google at the same time and offer your audience content that's more engaging and easier to understand than text.

Boost Sales and Conversions

Video marketing is effective because it enables you to show your products/services instead of just describing them. It can significantly impact your conversion rate because video tends to be more compelling and easier to understand than text, even when they contain the same information.

A good business video can present your offer or company as a solution to a specific problem, explain how to use your products, and showcase practical examples of their use. Most importantly, video content is exactly what modern customers who are accustomed to short social media videos and quick access to information expect.

While text is a good option if you want to provide a lot of details, it can feel a bit impersonal at times. Video, on the other hand, is more engaging and can help build an emotional connection between you and your audience. Combining these two types of content on your website is the best way to convert visitors into paying customers.

Boost Sales and Conversions with Animation Video

Save Time on Onboarding and Training

At this point, you know that videos can boost your marketing campaign, but a business video can be a valuable tool in other areas as well. For example, it can automate internal communication to provide employees with important updates without organizing in-person meetings or sending bland e-mails.

You can also create onboarding and training videos. If your business uses specific computer programs or apps, they can be easily explained in a screencast video. For larger companies, consider creating an introductory video that explains the responsibilities of different teams. When planning such videos, focus on things your employees need to know to be productive. It's always a good idea to consult with your team and make a list of common questions.

Video training offers a variety of benefits, but let's focus on two:

  1. Your more experienced team members don't have to take an active part in training new employees and can instead focus on their work.
  2. Learning new skills and getting used to different tools and processes takes time. Hearing something once during a meeting is often not enough to remember and implement it in your day-to-day work. By providing your team with video training materials, you give them easy access to everything they need to do their jobs better.

What Type of Marketing Video Should Your Company Use?

There are as many ways to use video content for marketing purposes as companies that decide to use them. That's the real value of video for business. You can tailor it to your needs and audience to tell your brand's story, build long-term relationships with customers, train employees, or showcase your products, values, and processes. Let's take a look at a few types of business videos.

Explainer Videos

Whether you want to introduce an innovative product or provide a step-by-step guide on how to use your services, using video rather than text can make your message easier to follow and understand. Video content, especially animated videos, can show even the most complex concepts and processes in a simplified and engaging way. This makes video a great way to convey information both internally and to your customer audience.

Social Media Videos

Social media users come across countless short videos while scrolling through their feeds. They are used to this type of content and expect it. But while platforms such as Facebook or TikTok create fantastic opportunities for brands to promote themselves and communicate directly with their audience, not all videos are equally effective. If you want to be noticed and have a chance to go viral, you need something eye-catching and memorable. Creating animated video clips is a great way to stand out from a flood of similar-looking content.

Commercial Videos

This type of video centers around your product or service and shows it in the best possible light to interest potential customers and encourage them to make a purchase. Product or promotional videos often use storytelling that speaks directly to viewers' emotions with the aim of not only explaining a specific product but presenting it in the right context to make it more desirable or helpful.

Boost Your Video Marketing Strategy With Animation!

Choosing the right type of video and tone of voice for your business is crucial to make your message convincing and effective, but it doesn't have to be complicated. At Pigeon Studio, we have years of experience in producing animated videos for brands from various industries and all kinds of campaigns. Whether you want to sell products, promote a cause, or tell your story, we can offer you professional support and useful tips at every stage to help you create a marketing video that will take you closer to your business goals. If you're interested in our animated video production services for businesses or have any additional questions, contact us! We can't wait to hear from you!

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