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Landing pages are the core of online, and increasingly brick-and-mortar, businesses. They drive traffic to your website, appear on search engines, and introduce visitors to your most prominent services/products. Getting the design, content, and aesthetics of your landing pages right is critical!

Including videos on your landing pages is a great way to improve its performance on all key metrics! Videos help visitors understand your services better, help you establish your brand better, and distinguish you from your competitors. Video landing pages are increasingly used by companies from Fortune 500 to local businesses.

This is your complete guide to landing page videos. From their benefits to ways to make their inclusion more effective, you'll learn how to take advantage of videos on your landing pages!

Explainer Video

What Is a Video Landing Page?

Despite being very popular, there's no unified way to define video landing pages as there are many unique ways to integrate videos into landing pages. The only criterion is the video should be a prominent part of the landing page.

Popular video landing page templates:

  • Hero landing page video: Here, a "hero" video replaces the typical 'hero image' that appears front and center on landing pages. In most instances, the videos start playing automatically when the page loads. This template is popular with NGOs and CSOs, mainly.
  • Background landing page video: This refers to a Landing page where a background video replaces the primary background image. Getting the design and contrast right here can be difficult, but if you do, the result is phenomenal. Many international brands from Adidas to Disney make heavy use of background landing page videos to great effect!
  • Supporting landing page video: This template includes a variety of designs where a video acts as support for the main content of the page, which will largely be text/image-based. The main goal is to make the landing page more interactive and bolster the credibility of the service/product. Common supporting videos are testimonials, call-to-action, or explainers.
  • Pop-up landing page video: This is an umbrella term for all the various landing pages that integrate a pop-up video into their design. Pop-ups are considered intrusive, so business owners need to be very careful when including them, but they've seen some success in video marketing!

Why Use Video Landing Pages?

Video landing pages require more time and resources to produce compared to traditional landing pages, and many business owners and managers wonder, "Yeah, videos have their advantages, but are they worth the investment?"

But the advantages a video landing page provides are neither minor nor are they easy to ignore if you want to gain an advantage over your competitors:

  • Improving Conversion Rates

Though the numbers range from 20% to 80%, almost all research studying the impact of the inclusion of videos on landing pages agree they improve conversion rates (CVR) to a substantial degree. This means more revenues and better profitability.

Your marketing campaigns will also see a boost as they'll have an effective, attractive landing page they can funnel new users to, which is meaningful for the long-term viability of your business!

  • Making a Strong First Impression

The average time spent on a page is 52 seconds - users take literal seconds to analyze your page and decide whether it is worth their time or not. If you don't make a good first impression, it is very unlikely you'll turn your website visitors into paying customers.

An animated background, a high-production testimonial video, or a cinematic product video is an excellent way to distinguish your landing pages from your competitors and immediately capture your visitors' attention.

  • Decluttering the Landing Page

Videos give you more tools and freedom to convey information. Pages of data about your products and services can be conveyed in 10 to 20 seconds using an animated explainer video that uses interactive charts and animated characters.

If you are running a company that provides SaaS services or high-end, luxury products, you need to include a lot of information to convince and convert potential customers, and this naturally causes a lot of clutter on the page and makes it inaccessible. It can, however, be entirely replaced by a video embedded on the landing page that gives the customer all the information they might need before making a purchase.

explainer video for landing page

What Makes a Good Video Landing Page? 5 Tips

Videos are undoubtedly powerful and a critical tool in your repertoire, but they aren't a magical wand you can wave and see immediate business success. Creating successful landing pages with video requires experimentation, testing, and knowledge of industry best practices. Here are some key tips to make your journey easier:

#1 Look at Successful Video Landing Page Examples

A great way to successfully implement videos in your landing pages is by looking at how others are doing it. There's no sense in reinventing the wheel when there are thousands of video landing page examples from various industries you can actively learn from!

An excellent resource is our portfolio at Pigeon Studio. We've created various case studies where we go into detail on how we've used videos on landing pages to great success: our approach, the process behind it, and the results of the project. It is a treasure trove for companies looking to see successful video landing page examples!

#2 Clearly Outline the Purpose of the Landing Page

Though video landing pages carry great promise, they also carry great risk! It is very easy to mess up and create a video landing page that's directionless, unappealing, or "spammy." You must have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and a clear vision of how you want to implement the video.

Is the purpose of the video to explain a service to the client? Is it to establish your brand? Is it to sell a product? Does the video mesh well with the landing page's design? Does its tone match the image you want to project of your business? How about its aesthetics?

By asking these important questions you can create/commission a video and integrate it in such a way that advances your business goals in concrete ways.

#3 What Type of Video?

A video landing page is a very broad term that includes a whole host of designs, approaches, and styles. It isn't enough to determine you need to include a video on a landing page, you also need to know what kind of video you precisely want: its direction, its content, and its aesthetics.

Here are the most common types of videos popular on landing pages:

  • Product videos: Here, the product/service is front and center. Every element in the video should help, in some shape or form, make it more attractive to potential customers. Whether it is rotating around a product to show its design in a good light or going through the list of a service's unique selling propositions, there are a variety of approaches you can take.
  • Explainer videos: Though they often include product advertising and branding, the key purpose of an explainer video is to get across information, be it about a specific product, service, feature, policy, etc. Explainer videos are popular with SaaS companies and large businesses that provide complex services that require buy-in from potential customers before they commit.
  • Brand videos: Videos that are about your company, improving its image, and increasing its recognisability are brand videos. These videos are not as common as the first two as landing pages, but they serve an important function: They're excellent places to funnel new users into. Want new users to know what your company is all about? Introduce them to your best products/services? Give them a brief rundown of what distinguishes you from your competitors? Create a brand video landing page!
  • Animated videos: This isn't an exclusive category. You can have animated product, explainer, and brand videos. But animations and live action are fundamentally different approaches to video making, and you have to determine which one is more suitable for your project. Animations give you more freedom over the style and aesthetics of the video, can be very visually striking, and feel premium. An animated video also generally requires more resources to produce. You need to weigh your options.

#4 Include a Call to Action

Due to the number of viable approaches to video landing page designs, there are very few concrete dos and don'ts, but if we have to select only one: You should almost always include a call to action in your landing page video.

Whether it is an explainer, brand, or product video, it has a goal. You want to induce your viewers to perform an action be it purchasing a product, signing up for a free mailing list, etc. Making that clear through a direct call to action produces results.

#5 Commissioning the Video

Creating a video is ultimately an artistic endeavor with a lot of freedom for self-expression. This is an advantage as, ideally, a video can truly express what your brand/product/service is about. But, it can also be a disadvantage as there's a lot of room for miscommunication when commissioning the video. The company producing the video needs to truly understand your goals, vision, and ideas behind the project, so the final product has the tone, style, and approach you want!

At Pigeon Studio, for example, we have a dedicated 'briefing' section where we ask potential clients looking to work with our company about the details of their project, including budget, deadlines, targetted demographics, aesthetics, video landing page software, and more. We then get in touch to iron out the finer details of the project.

Before we start animation work, we create a script and storyboard so the client has a more concrete sense of our approach. Only after all of this is done do we give the green light!

Video Landing Page FAQ

What Should a Video Landing Page Include?

Aside from a video, obviously, you have a lot of freedom over what you include in a video landing page. You can include a product purchase window, you can include a contact form, or you can include graphs explaining the benefits of your business. You should choose elements that make sense and complement your video! 

How Do I Create a Video Landing Page?

Creating a video landing page starts by identifying concrete goals you want to achieve, looking at successful video landing page templates and examples, commissioning the video from a video production or animation company, and then, finally, designing the landing page. 

Are Videos on a Landing Page a Good Idea?

Creating a video landing page is a process that takes time and resources, but it has several key advantages. It boosts your reach, improves your conversion rates, and, ultimately, improves profitability. If you have a clear goal in mind and have a coherent vision of what your video landing page would look like, it is definitely a good idea!

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