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A few things happened last time. Awards, events, rebranding... We've been busy at Pigeon Studio! Check out what's new!


Nothing in the world is static. This belief has been guiding our work and life forever. In other words, we’re all about dynamics: through powerful animation, we help brands change for the better. And finally, we got ourselves a makeover too! We are still Pigeon Studio — a lot going on and in style, as ever, but now in even more colour. 

Have we only just met recently? Or perhaps you’ve been tuning in to our stuff for quite some time already? Either way, we’re now back with loads of content you can feast your eyes on.

The branding and website of our company have been changed, you have probably already noticed. Our new website provides you with many examples of our potent output, including case studies — and we also discuss the process there in detail. So hop in and see what we can achieve together! 

The Website, Reloaded

On Air Now

With a new visual identity comes a new showreel! The characters and settings featured are ones not showcased before—but the content is basically the same, displaying what we stand for: captivating, animated, elevated.

Take a look at our showreel in Portfolio. In case you haven’t displayed it yet—followed by a compilation of what we’re most proud of.

Flying, isn’t it?

Our winning at the Polish Graphic Design Awards

In June, we were at the Polish Graphic Design event. That’s one of the most known and important events in Poland for designers and artists. And we’re so proud to announce that we won 3 main prizes and 1 special prize for the project of the year!

Wining projects are:

  • Project of the year 2021: Polpharma – Las na zawsze
  • Motion Graphics: Long film: Polpharma – Las na zawsze
  • Motion Graphics: Long film: Ekipa – Na zajawce
  • Motion Graphics: Short film: Good Cyber Stories 2021

Big thanks to our partners and clients!

polish graphic design winners pigeon studio
Photo on the right: Patryk Wiśniewski

You can see all of these projects in the Portfolio section.

Animator Festival 2022: Pigeon's experts

In July, our animators took part in the Animator Festival as mentors. 

The Animator is an international festival that brings together people related to the animation industry.

For several days experts, students and animation lovers talk about industry challenges, trends and show their works.

Our pigeons - Wojtek and Kasia - talked about their animation projects, experience, and what working in a professional studio is like.

Animation workshops: Little pigeons

Also in July, we organized free workshops for children in our office in Cracow. Kids together with Romka, Sara and Monika created stunning animations. A lot of fun for children and also for our team!

Workshops were a part of Krakow Summer Animation Days 2022.

workshops for kids pigeon studio
Photos: Maciej Zygmunt

And it's not over yet... we still have many exciting projects to complete.

Pigeon Studio has been animating businesses and their offers for more than a decade now. Through motion, we translate brands, products, and ideas into captivating and impactful content. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get regular deliveries of powerful visuals.

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